Tibetan Heart Yoga: Transformation On And Off The Mat

Tibetan Heart Yoga: Transformation On And

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Off The Mat

So what the heck is Tibetan Heart Yoga?

Read the excerpts from the Yoga Studies Institute website below and then read on to my comments:

“Tibetan Heart Yoga is unique in its reuniting of strong wisdom teachings with modern asana lineages. Yoga Studies Institute’s (a non-profit educational institute that thoroughly grounds students in the
classical tradition of yoga) asana and philosophy are rooted in a lineage
started by Master Naropa, a yogi who lived about 1100 AD.

Tibetan Heart Yoga is a practice where we work from the inside,
and the outside. We work from the inside with our thoughts (cultivating the
ethical restraints and commitments, meditation and wisdom) into a powerful
synthesis the ancients called “royal yoga”. We work from the outside
with our pranayama (breathing), asana (posture), and ethical
practices. We learn how to practice our yoga on the mat, and perfect our yoga
off the mat.

Bringing together these “outside” and
“inside” methods, restoring to yoga the complete set of
“limbs” of Patanjali’s eight-limbed (ashta-anga) practice, combining
the physical dimension of yoga with the spiritual understanding of the
interdependence of karma and emptiness, the program is designed to achieve
nothing less than the end of suffering and full enlightenment for the
practitioner and the skills needed to teach others how to reach these goals too.

YSI’s founder, and the principal teacher of this lineage, Geshe Michael
, is the first American Geshe.
Geshe is the highest degree conferred after 20 years of study in a Tibetan
Monastery. Geshe Michael has spent the last 20 years learning Yoga from many
renowned Tibetan Buddhist and Indian Yoga teachers in America and India. He
recently completed a three-year retreat, has published numerous books, and now
teaches Yoga, Spirituality, and Enlightened Business around the world.

The Tibetan Heart Yoga system contains nine distinct series.
Each Series is a combination of a yoga asana sequence and a meditation that
works with the asana to cultivate virtuous states of mind and heart.”

The above description might give you somewhat of an idea as to
what THY is all about, but you won’t really understand the power of this
practice till you experience it. This is
not just about becoming more flexible, finding calm and de-stressing. It does all of that and so much more. This is about using the physical body as a
“tool” to transform your inner world.
THY is not about getting fit. THY
is about enlightenment on and off the mat; on the mat by being taught how to
connect with the subtle body (soul) with each asana, and off the mat by utilizing
the knowledge you’ve gained into your daily life on all levels.

My THY training and practice has changed my life. I’m doing things on the mat that I never imagined
I could do, which has directly impacted my inner world in the same way. Tibetan Heart Yoga has truly been a heart
practice which has resulted in new and deeper levels of compassion for myself
and others. Who wouldn’t want more of

“You cannot enter the door of yoga without kindness and
compassion for others.” Changkya,
Who Swam in the Diamond Sea (1717-1786)

I hope to see you in my class.
My students love it and I hope you do too! Click here for class info: http://holistichealingsystems.com/events-2/








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